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Downloading BlackBerry Java Development Environment v4.0.1

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Software Name: BlackBerry Java Development Environment v4.0.1
File Name:
Download Size: 25 MB
Published Date: 07/04/2007
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Note: To use this release you must first download and install the BlackBerry JDE 4.0 (see below). For integration instructions please refer to the ‘read-me’ file included in the download file.

The BlackBerry JDE v4.0.1 provides developers with more flexibility and support when developing applications for BlackBerry through an enhanced API set, documentation, code samples and applications, new Java Specification Request (JSR) implementation and a new BlackBerry handheld simulator.

BlackBerry JDE v4.0.1 allows developers to write event-driven, location-based services. Developers are able to create applications for the BlackBerry wireless platform that include GPS, GIS and spatial information tools. The Location API is exposed via JSR 179, the Java standard for location-based services. In addition, BlackBerry JDE v4.0.1 includes support for new Voice Notes APIs enabling application developers to play and manage voice note files. The new Voice Notes and Location APIs are currently only supported on the BlackBerry 7520.