Software Download for O2 UK

The simplest and quickest way to update the software on your BlackBerry is through your internet browser. All you need is a PC connected to the internet and a USB cable to connect your BlackBerry to your PC. Once your BlackBerry is connected please go to and follow the instructions. The upgrade will take about 45mins. You should not disconnect your BlackBerry while it is being upgraded. You do not need to install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. This way of upgrading works for all current BlackBerry phones, and most previous BlackBerry phones.

If you are a BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (Corporate) customer, or have a BlackBerry that you can’t update through your internet browser, then you will need to follow the instructions below.

To update the BlackBerry handheld code on your device, please follow these simple instructions.

  1. Make sure you've installed the BlackBerry Desktop Software (included in the box or available below) onto your PC. Please close this software before downloading the new handheld code.
  2. Select your handheld from the drop down box below, and download the latest version of handheld software, which will be at the top of the next screen.
  3. Once downloaded, double click on the software icon and follow the installation wizard.
  4. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software and connect your BlackBerry to your PC. Your PC should detect that a new version of handheld code is available and prompt you to upgrade - select Update Now.
  5. Click Options, ensure the appropriate applications and languages you need are selected.
  6. The BlackBerry software will start to backup your data, upgrade your software, and then restore your data. This process can take up to an hour, and if interrupted may make your handheld unusable.
Warning: It is vital that you do not disconnect your BlackBerry device or pull the battery during the upgrade or you may render your device unusable.

Note – Version Numbers : On the RIM software download web-site the version of the handheld software to be downloaded is described after the phrase "Applications:". For example "Applications:". On your handheld, if you select Options and then About the handheld software version is described in the first set of numbers on the third row of text. For example "v4.6.0.247"

Note – Japanese Option : On some BlackBerry’s O2 provides the option to install Japanese input. We do this by providing a “J” download and a “non-J” download. You can identify the download file with the Japanese input capability by looking for the “J” towards the start of the filename. If this “J” software is used (whether or not Japanese is selected) approx 5Mb of additional application memory is used within the device. While both downloads are accredited by O2 and are identical in terms of non-language related features, O2 recommends the installing the “non-J” download to maximise the available memory on the device.

To view software for a BlackBerry product, please select a product from the drop down menu and click Select :